Hunting and hospitality

Letter received from Gary and Alison Banks following their hunt in July 2013. (Abridged)
"Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Alison and I just had the best trip we have ever had, and you were responsible. The entire country of New Zealand seems infected with wonderful, kind, helpful, happy people and you two are right at the top of that list. Thankyou again.

Your Lodge is beautiful and filled with old world charm and hospitality and your entire operation is so obviously first class that I simply cannot express how delighted we both were with everything. Mort you are a great organiser and Mel your food presentation is so perfect. The hunting is beyond anything that I expected. The number, the variety and the quality of the animals is exceptional. Again thankyou for everything that you did to make our trip so memorable."

Gary Banks
St George, Utah


"Kuranui is an excellent hunting destination. Mort and Mel are superb hosts and the facilities they have are outstanding. My time at Kuranui was everything I hoped it would be. I left New Zealand tired, sore, sunburned and HAPPY! What more can you ask for in a hunting vacation?"

Bryan Koontz


Ron Bowling
Austin Texas

"I have never felt as homesick as I have after leaving Kuranui!"

Brandon Bailey
Scotts Bluff

Morty and Mellie,
The two of you made this hunting trip a wonderful experience and a truly hunt of a lifetime. The Red Stag and Fallow are awesome! The company and conversation was incredible! Thankyou for all that you have done to ensure perfection!

Also... Don't be nervous about me shooting free handed! Have you heard of John Wayne?? I trained him !!

Mike Black (Hard Case - Cliff Hanger)
Waynesville, Ohio

Dear Mel and Mort,
All of our friends and family have been amazed by the Red Stag and Randy is more than ready to tell them all the details of hunting at Kuranui. It is a beautiful animal. You were so gracious and kind to us and we can not thank you enough for our wonderful stay with you. Kuranui was like walking into pages of a different world. (Randy said it was like being in Jurasic Park !). We loved the magnificent vegetation and watching the Red Stags, Fallow and Rusa - up close and personal.

The lodge was so relaxing and comfortable, we slept like babies, but the food was exceptional (the best in New Zealand) We were so grateful to see some of the sights that we would have missed had we not have had your personal guided tour. We enjoyed our trip so much and will cherish for the rest of our lives all the places we saw and the time we spent with you at Kuranui. Oh how surprised your next guests will be when they receive your royal hospitality.

Randy and Shirley Blacklidge
Gulfport ,Mississippi

To Whom it may Concern
We travelled approximately 10,000 miles to get to this lodge and it was more than we expected. The lodge is very nice, the food is outstanding with Mel cooking all her own recipes, the food is just wonderful.

The hunting was great with plenty of game. The land is beautiful, valleys, hills streams with great views. The trip as a whole was more than I expected and I would recommend this hunt and lodge to anyone.

Bill Martin
Hardwich, Massachusits

Mel and Mort
This trip was a once in a lifetime, got to check it off my bucket list. It couldn't have been any better, a great cook a great professional hunting guide and a fabulous preserve. I will cherish this memory forever.
Ken Torbik
Schapville, Illinois

Mel and Mort
I had a great time and hunt that I will always remember. You have a great lodge here and the food was great, the only problem is the time went by too quickly and I hate to leave.
Francis Schram
Thank you for such a wonderful experience. You made us feel right at home. Mel you're cooking is wonderful; I just loved your venison. Hope to see you again in Omaha. God Bless you.
Darlene Schram
Papillion, Nebraska

Mort and Mel
Thankyou so much for making me feel right at home! Your lodge is beautiful, the food wonderful and the company amazing! I am very thankful for our new found friends! I pray that God will bless you greatly!
Melista Lewis
Thank you so very much for the wonderful accommodations, the wonderful hunts and most of all the beautifull!! cooking. You made us feel right at home and you went out of your way to make us feel relaxed. May God bless you and your business.
Jesse Lewis
Durant, Oklahoma

To my dear friends Mel and Mort
Thank you so much for a wonderful hunt and all the other things we did together. You are the best. I look forward to coming back again. Thanks for everything Mel and Mort.
Jim Owens
Arvada, Colorado

Mort and Mel
It's been a wonderful stay here. We couldn't ask for better company. The property and hunting is awesome, it' absolutely beautiful here. The food is wonderful. We really felt at home here. We learned a lot and had so much fun! We will definitely come back.
Shot at 375 m
Used all the ammo
Cooking and plastering with Mel
Shooting the fallow buck right at the lodge
Seeing Mort carrying the trophy stag up the steep incline for half a km
Pineapple lumps
Bungee jumping
Concert and dinner at Mitai Maori experience
Tim Claire and Micaela Connolly
Omaha, Nebraska

Mort and Mel were the greatest. Mel took us girls on many adventures including a ride in a zorb ball. They both made us feel right at home. Larry had a great time, got his red stag-trout fishing-possum hunting too. This is a trip we will always remember. Great hunting and great friends, you can't top that. Thanks for a great time in your country.
Larry and Rita Heim
Ralston, Nebraska

One of the best hunts I have ever taken, Mort and Mel are two of the best people I have ever met. Great time!
Jay Coffeltt
Besides hunting Mel makes some great chow. Jay got what he came for a great red stag and I got a goat. It was a wonderful time.
Ev Coffeltt
Omaha, Nebraska

Mort and Mel
This truly was a magnificent hunt I hope to repeat over and over again. Mort and Mellie are not only great hosts but now lifelong friends as well. I cannot wait for my next adventure into the Kuranui.
Jeff Schmidt
Kearney, Nebraska

Shot two awesome stags!! Food and company outstanding, man I love this place, I will be back.
Kelly Hayes
Laguna Beach, California

Dear Mort and Mel
Since we met a couple of years ago it's been such a privelege to develop a valued friendship and to relish your hospitality at Kuranui. Your expert guidance Mort has resulted in three magnificent reds and now a fantastic Rusa stag. Thanks for the adventures and fellowship at Kuranui- one of my favourite places in the world.
Your friend
Paul L'Amie

Father and son fun - outstanding hospitality, food, shooting and hunting. Thanks so much for everything.
Roger Kahler
Morton, Wisconsin

Hello Mort & Mel
I want to tell both of you what great host and hostess you guys are. I had such a wonderful time with you and what a tremendous hunt also. I will do everything that I can to promote Kuranui Lodge and you two people to everyone.You did everything possible to make Steve and me feel so much at home, it was like we knew you two for years.Mort what ever I can do to help you in Nebraska or even the midwest please let me know. See you soon and GOD Bless you both for the people you are.
Tom Cullinane
Omaha Nebraska.